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  • Our teams create high-resolution (< 5cm) maps using advanced UAVs. These include high-res contours along with accurate mapping of buildings, slums, pipelines, roads, bridges, villages and all other infrastructure in the project area. 3D elevation models are also created to understand the topography and hydraulics of a region. These maps are also used to accurately locate storm water outfalls carrying untreated wastewater into the lake and river.

    Our UAV services are a revolutionary leap in terms of capability, precision and efficiency when it comes to surveying services. UAV surveying allows us to provide maps for large scale projects with accuracy and resolution that is impossible with traditional surveys.

    Aerial and satellite imagery enable us to get a birds eye view of all types of terrain. FLUID captures and analyses image and sensor data for projects in water, irrigation, oil, gas and transportation.

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These services assist the customers to produce contour maps, spatial maps, atlas maps, cadastral maps, thematic and zonal maps, landscape maps, and environmental maps for host industries such as water, wastewater, mining, geology, utility, agriculture, Oil & Gas pipelines, land information management, and others.