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  • We have a highly trained and qualified survey staff that can inspect any water, sewer and storm drain pipeline with a minimum diameter of 150mm. Detailed survey reports of manhole and pipeline attributes are provided to both, Government and Private Clients. Our specializations include -

    ▸ In-Pipe small and large diameter pipe inspections.
    ▸ Detecting and locating problems.
    ▸ Locating buried manholes.
    ▸Performing scheduled assessment.
    ▸ Maintenance planning.
    ▸ Gauging buildup and deposits.
    ▸ Investigating the severity of leaks or breaks.
    ▸Formulating repair procedures.
    ▸ Preparation for cleaning.
    ▸Post-cleaning assessment.
    ▸ Pre-commissioning services for pipelines.
    ▸Final check of new pipelines prior to putting them into service.

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