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  • Hydraulic modeling of sewer lines and storm drains is regularly performed by our engineers for urban and rural projects. These models along with our robotic inspection data together are used to accurately calculate pipeline capacities.

    Our step-by-step approach -

    ▸ Collecting required data for building and validating the water course model, including the hydraulic structures and flooding areas
    ▸ Calibrating the hydrological model based on available measurements
    ▸ Testing the computer model against reality using available measurements and observations
    ▸ Quantifying potential bottlenecks and problems using the robotic inspection data
    ▸ Simulating measures, such as the installation of buffer basins and flooding areas
    ▸ Analyzing the impact of proposed measures on flooding risks
    ▸ Evaluating and reporting different solution scenarios, in consultation with sewer managers

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