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  • We provide end to end GIS services for visualization of geographic data, analysis of spatial relationships, and efficient data management. The GIS data conversions allow data from different sources to be merged in one common format, which allows for easy access, analysis and utilization

    We also integrate GIS, CAD and Global Positioning Systems (GPS) services, by using high-end GIS Mapping and GIS data conversion products. These services assist the customers to produce contour maps, spatial maps, atlas maps, cadastral maps, thematic and zonal maps, landscape maps, and environmental maps for host industries such as mining, geology, utility, agriculture, petroleum, land information management, and others.

    The various GIS Data Services offered by FLUID are:-

    ▸ Digital Photogrammetry
    ▸ Digitization.
    ▸ Remote Sensing.
    ▸ 3D Building Landmarks & Parcel mapping
    ▸ Indoor Mapping.
    ▸ Navigation.
    ▸ Survey & Topographical Mapping
    ▸ Municipal GIS mapping
    ▸ Cadastral Mapping

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