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  • Using magnetic, ultrasonic and pressure sensors we accurately measure flows inside storm water drains, sewers and water pipelines. Most recently we have measured over 300 MLD of wastewater flow in Mithi river alone. Over 200 outfall locations were surveyed for analyzing pre-monsoon (dry-weather) flows. Our data has been directly used by Government Organizations and Infrastructure Consultants for the design of Sewer Pipelines, Interceptor Drains as well as Sewage Treatment Plants

    Flow Survey Data Capture

    Flow rates, velocities and depth information is captured through a proprietary platform. This information is reported back to our Customers in detailed form including daily minimums, maximums, averages and totals. Data is usually collected over a number of weeks to capture significant events and a range of conditions.

  • Water Quality Monitoring

    Governments and Industries are becoming more concerned with not just monitoring water usage but also the levels of pollutants that may enter waterways as a result of their processes.

    Regulations require monitoring of -
    ▸ Environmental health of ecosystems, fauna and flora.
    ▸ Human health to maintain availability and prevent disease.
    ▸ Water balance to monitor rainfall, evaporation, human usage and
    ▸Industry to assess internal controls, regulated controls, process quality and discharge

    The delivery of water quality monitoring programs is a complex and specialized field demanding experience, quality and customer understanding.

    Our water monitoring projects cover -
    ▸ Groundwater sampling.
    ▸ Surface water sampling.
    ▸ Potable water sampling
    ▸ Wastewater sampling.

    Mobilization for water sampling –
    Combining experience with technology, FLUID’s water sampling service is structured to systematically program sampling operations for customers. A team of specialist field technicians work with site project managers to deliver a reliable, cost-effective system in accordance with regional regulatory standards.

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